Hours of operation?

6a-8p Mon-Thurs

6a-5p Fri

7a-3p Sat/Sun


Do you have an app we can download?

We sure do.  Head to your App store for your smartphone.  This will keep you connected with all of us here at The Fort.


How do I sign up for the email list?

Please visit our website and fill out the contact form


Who can I contact for help/feedback/suggestions?

Inquiries can be sent to info@thefortac.com


At what age can a child sign up?

14-16 yo must be accompanied by a parent

17+ yo full member


I’m interested in employment.  Who should I contact?

We suggest searching both LinkedIn and Indeed for all of our job posts at this time.


What is MYZONE?

MYZONE is a heart rate monitor that allows you to track your performance while you workout.  We use MYZONE in our studios and as a way for you to connect with both staff and members.  MYZONE belts are included in the Gold/Platinum memberships.


What does each tier access/include or exclude if not noted?

Bronze (strength/cardio, locker rooms, open court sports, smoothie/coffee bar)

Silver (Bronze + Base Ops and Command Center)

Gold (Silver + 1 Studio/Boutique )

Platinum (All Studios + All Programs)


Do you offer family memberships?

We chose to set up our memberships so that you may build the best membership for you and your family.  You can choose which programs you would like to participate in based on how you will optimally use our club. Secondary and tertiary will receive $20 off per month.


Who does the “Heroes” pricing pertain to?

Military (active/former), Police, Firefighters, First responders, Teachers, Administrators and Healthcare Workers.


What age qualifies for the Senior Membership?

Senior Memberships are for members 65yo and older.


What do I have to do in order to receive my college student discount?

College students must show their active student ID at enrollment in order to receive the student discount.


What is the cost of children 14 to 17?

Our 14-17 members will receive $20 off the standard monthly rate for the applicable membership type they have chosen.


Is my membership transferable to a friend or family member if I no longer am using it?

Our memberships are non-transferable at this time.  We are happy to have someone on our team connect with you to discuss how to best utilize your membership.


Do you offer daily/weekly passes?

Yes.  $25 for a single visit.

You may purchase a pack of 5 or 10 passes if you are not ready to commit to a gym membership or perhaps you are in town visiting.

5 = $110, 10 = $200


When is the annual maintenance fee billed?

120 days after your enrollment date and on the same date each year after


What is the annual maintenance fee for?

The leadership group has committed to making continuous investments into the facility as well as our staff.  We will share annual updates with all of our members on our facility/staff upgrades.


How much notice is required for cancellation?

30-day notice


What is the procedure for cancellation?

All cancellations can be made online or in-person at the club with a Manager, Membership Consultant or Member Experience Team Member.


Is there a cancelation fee – if so, how much?

Only if you are canceling prior to the end of your contract.


Cancellation Policy


  • 3-day cancellation
    • Should you choose to cancel your membership within your first 3 days of enrollment, you will be provided a full refund of any and all payments provided.


  • 30-day notice
    • To cancel your gym membership, you must provide 30 days notice to the club by filling out a form online or in-person with a membership representative during membership hours


  • Early Cancellation Stipulations
    • Membership contracts may be canceled early for the following reasons
      • Relocation outside of 25 miles
      • Medical reason with a Physician’s note


Is there any freeze policy in place?


Freeze Policy

  • 2 weeks notice must be provided for any membership freezes.  Membership freezes may be completed by filling out a form online or in-person with a membership representative during membership hours


  • The maximum amount of time a membership agreement can be placed on freeze is up to 3 months per calendar year


  • Any freeze request that is beyond the 3 month maximum is subject to a monthly fee of $50 per month until the membership is restored to active status

Kids/Youth Programs Questions

What is the age range for child care?

18 months to 8 years old


How do I schedule my child for child care?

You may do so by calling the club as it will be scheduled on a first come first serve basis.


How long are the child care sessions?

The maximum amount of time you can schedule your child is 90 minutes.


How much is it for my child to be in child care?

$15 per session or you may purchase a 10 pack of visits for $120


How do I enroll into a class?

All classes are open 7 days before the start of the beginning of the class.  You may book your reservation on The Fort Athletic Club App or by visiting the front desk in-person.


I booked a class, but I’m now going to miss it?

You are able to cancel your reservation up to 8 hours before the start of the class.  Any cancellations within 8 hours of the start time for the class will be charged a late cancellation fee.


Can I bring a friend to a class with me?

We love friends!  If they are local, have them set up a guest pass or our “3 for $30”.


Am I able to see a schedule to follow my favorite instructors and classes?

The Fort Athletic Club app is the easiest way to see all that we offer, follow your favorite instructors and dive into the programs you want to do the most.


I’m currently enrolled in the Hot Zone studio, but want to check out another Studio.  How do I do that?

You have 2 options.  You may upgrade to a platinum membership where you’ll be able to schedule both or you can meet with a membership consultant who can update your studio access.

Personal Training

How do I get set up on the Biocircuit in the Command Center?

All members with Silver, Gold and Platinum memberships are entitled to meeting with a Trainer to have you set up on the Biocircuit. Contact our PT Manager, Steve Gallagher at steveg@thefortac.com or stop by the front desk or trainers office.


Personal training pricing?

$70-100 per session depending on your commitment and frequency that you work with your personal trainer.


What types of packages do you offer for personal training?

Our recommendation is to enroll in our monthly program for best results.  This allows you and our coaches to develop a program to achieve maximum results.  We offer 1, 2, 3, or 4x times per week.  Our personal trainers will provide their professional recommendations when you meet with them upon joining.


You may also purchase 10 or 20 sessions if you prefer not to commit to a monthly program.


What type of certifications do your personal trainers have?

All of our personal trainers hold NCCA accredited certifications which have been validated and approved by the appropriate certifying agency.