We are ALL IN.

Here, we honor the past with an eye to the future. A future that will give rise to a community of families, friends and neighbors — coming together with a common purpose. Here, commitment, dedication and determination are the price of entry. Here, goals will be met and bars will be raised.  Here, we are wholly dedicated to wellness, team and sport. We believe in greatness, unapologetically. We are you and you are us.








The Fort Athletic Club is the brainchild of the Fort Partners Group – an investment collective of business men and women, friends and coaches. The partners, all locals, were keenly aware of what their area was missing. Their vision? To transform the dilapidated fitness center on the grounds of Fort Monmouth into high-end, family-friendly health, wellness, and athletic complex. Beyond the gym concept, The Fort also has space to accommodate youth athletics and training – which means parents of young athletes will no longer have to drive their kid’s long distances for practices, games, and tournaments. The community has been asking for a facility like The Fort for years and soon you’ll be able to be a part of this new chapter.

Join our Fort Family!